About Us

Sumits Yoga Gilbert is a Hot Yoga Studio in the East Valley focused on heated Vinyasa styled yoga. Inspired by many different yoga styles, our intention is for you to feel like you are walking into a safe haven, a home away from home, a place where you are free to be whoever you want to be. We want you to love yourself, love others and relish in life’s ups, downs, turns and curves.

Our classes were created for all levels. The new practitioner just getting their first tastes of yoga and the more advanced practitioner who would like to take their practice to a new level. Our studio is a place you can hangout, create new friendships and of course, practice yoga!

Sumits Yoga Gilbert studio is located in the Safeway center on the Southwest corner of Val Vista and Elliot.

Our studio offers trained yoga instructors and a relaxing environment. Our spacious, clean practice rooms have wood floors and are equipped with heaters, a humidifier and an exhaust system, which helps to equalize the room and make it a comfortable environment. Changing facilities, showers and shower towels are always available. We sell or rent all necessities for your yoga practice such as mats, towels, apparel and water.

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